Using Our TV Skills To Engage Learners

Asking The Right Questions

Try this quick quiz to learn about the kind of questions learners can be asked.

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Flexible Learning

Delivering to the latest standards our content is viewable on any device.

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Apps - just another media channel

Learn how we used our storytelling skills to bring history alive in Paisley.

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Visual storytelling.

Learn how we have delivered learning around concepts, ideas and process.

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White Board Videos
Communicating Ideas and concepts

These are a great low-cost way to explain conceptual ideas.  Using software it looks like an illustrator is drawing a sketch.  Combined with a well-written voice over this can be extremely effective

Stock Footage
Low cost production value

There is now a vast range of footage available that can dramatically increase the production value of learning content .

Clear Communication

I'ts said that a picture can be worth a thousand words.  A well-designed graphic can certainly save a few.

Where the pictures are better

Nothing can beat the intimacy of radio.  We have used this one to one experience in app delivered walking guides.

Stock Images
Free resources

There is now a large selection of completely free images available with no copyright restrictions - a great way to create great looking affordable E-Learning.

Now high quality and low cost

Stock music used to have a dreadful reputation.  There is still some awful stuff out there but increasingly there is quality to be found at low cost.

Send us your brief and we'll respond with some approaches and Ideas.


Compelling Content For Learning

Storytelling Skills


We can help you formulate your ideas before going into production.

- How to break your content down into managable sections for the learner.

- Deciding on the best way to present the content to suit different learning styles.

- How to present the course in a way that really engages and supports learning outcomes.


From presenter led pieces to animations.  We will work with you to decide on the right stylistic approaches for your audience.

Course Delivery

A mixture of information delivery followed by testing for knowledge retention is the most effective method.

Delivered online across all devices, the learners can engage at a time and pace that works for them.