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An AI learning support mentor trained on the GAEA K-Ar and Ar-Ar Geochronology Dating course 

Watch: Discover how the GAEA Mentor can support your learning.

Question Ideas


 What's the best way to get the most from you?

What can you help me with?

What resources and formats can you give me?

For Explaining


Give me 3 key principles on ‘TOPIC’

Give me a process step by step on ‘TOPIC’

Create a challenging case study with questions on ‘TOPIC’


For Clarifying


Give me scenario-based questions on ‘TOPIC’. Stopping at each stage to ask me to make a decision then move on.

Give me all you have on weathering with extensive quotes, timecode references and video names.


For Translating


What languages can you answer in?

Give me 10 main learning points from section 6 in Dutch.


For Self Testing


Ask 5 Multiple Response questions on ‘TOPIC’ and score me and give feedback.

Challenge me with 10 True/False questions on founding principles and score me and give feedback

Ask me 3 Numeric questions on section 6 and score me and give feedback

Ask me 3 Sequence questions on section 2 and score me and give feedback

Ask me 3 Matching type questions on sample prep and score me and give feedback

Give me 5 Fill in the Blank questions on anything across the whole course and score me and give feedback

Ask me multiple choice questions on the course then score me to discover my knowledge gaps. Evaluate my answers. Make some study suggestions.


For Finding


Give me everything you have on ‘TOPIC’ include quotes and references to the transcripts

Which video should I watch to learn more on ‘TOPIC’


This is version one of GAEA.  With your input we can develop and improve it.

Please leave any thoughts, comments or suggestions below.

It would be particularly useful if subject experts can stress test the GAEA AI Mentor for relevance, hallucinations and accuracy.


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