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Podcast Production
Research, interview, edit and publish 

Case Study: Weekly Podcast, Volunteer Scotland

March 2020 the UK is in lock down.  


Volunteer Scotland - 32,000 volunteers sign up, wanting to do their bit.

Matching these volunteers with organisations needing help, food banks, community centers, and hospitals was going to take time.

"Good Morning Volunteers..."


Keeping new volunteers energised while waiting for an assignment would be a challenge, email newsletters wouldn't cut it.  A weekly Podcast - "Radio V" was born.

The brief included volunteer interviews, updates on volunteering, tips for staying motivated, and a platform for volunteers to connect with each other and share their stories. It also had to be entertaining.


12 weekly episodes delivered over three months was the schedule. The format - 6 short form stories within 20 minute episodes.  Delivery - all the major podcast platforms and broadcast via Scotland's community radio stations.

Each Monday, production started on each episode.  Research and interviews Tuesday.  Editing and voice over writing and recording Wednesday. Editorial review, discussion and amends Thursdays.  Final audio polish, music editing and writing tweaks Friday morning.


Friday afternoon, the new episode dropped at 4pm. 


This admittedly intense schedule still allowed for a timely release of each episode, whilst also giving the two person team (one in London, one on a croft in NE Scotland) enough time to produce high-quality content.

We had the honour of remotely interviewing some amazing people from across Scotland and the world as they shared their sometimes difficult pandemic stories.  It was a joy to hear and capture stories of mutual aid and support springing up in every community.


Covered on STV news and featured on BBC Radio Scotland the podcast became in its own small way, part of the national conversation. 


We like to think this 'conversation' helped people through strange and difficult times.


Thinking of a podcast? 


Three things to consider -

First, the purpose of your podcast? Do you want to educate your audience, entertain them, or ideally both?


Second, your target audience?  Their interests and needs and how to serve them?


Third, the format?  From interviews, personal testimony to storytelling to news.  Which one is right for your messages and listeners?

The power of mutual aid.

Raising visibility in the Borders.

Environmental activism in Nairn.

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